Hi guys, Firstly just wanted to say well done with your product – works well and looks great! I windsurf and often leave equipment on the roof of the car so these lockable tie downs are ideal. I was windsurfing yesterday and gave someone a lift – he was blown away by the fact that I can lock my tie downs!

Hi, Many thanks, greatly appreciated. Wonderful products. Two of my mates will be buying the lockable tie down tomorrow from Jackson Surfboards at Cronulla.

I have been using the 4 metre straps for 3 months and agree that they are sensational . You can leave your yak atop your car with complete confidence. Easier to steal the car.

I received my 2.5 straps today, thank you so much! Basically I use my tie-downs to secure my windsurfing boards to my roofracks. at $2000 a pop they’re not the sort of thing you want to see nicked! I think they are an awesome idea, I first saw them in a shop in Byron Bay, but purchased mine in a longboard shop on the goldcoast. I think once the word gets out in sailboard community, they’ll be a “standard” item.

Ordered on line. Confirmed and shipped same day. 2-3 day delivery and could have had it overnight if I wanted. Hard to beat that for service.

The idea of a lock built into a strap with integral metal security strands seems like a simple and elegant solution to attaching my board to the factory racks on my new Toyota 4Runner. I hope they live up to my expectations.

I recently bought a pair of your 2.5m tie downs from a surf store in terrigal and I just love them, thanks so much for developing an easy way to die down boards and skis and keep them safe. Ive loved them so much that im buying another pair and also for a another friend at the surf club.

Having just had two surfboards cut off the roof of my car and stolen, I wanted to get in contact and say what a great idea the cut-proof straps are, and that I’ll be buying a set as soon as I have boards to put them around again.

I’m currently travelling the coastline of Australia on a kayak fishing adventure and your tie down straps were by far the best option for me to use. I’ve shared this with my readers in my product review.


KanuLock Locking Roof Rack Straps Review 

Tuesday, 17 August 2010 02:05

When you spend a lot of hard earned cash on stand up paddle boards or surfboards you want to know that your investment is not going to be stolen from the roof of your car when you are parked up checking the surf. Lockable roof racks have been on the market for many years now, but lockable roof rack straps are the next logical step in protecting your equipment from theft.

Here at SUPGlobal HQ we have just come back from a three week trip around Ireland to search out waves. I knew that I was going to be leaving the van with the boards on the roof as we toured about the place so I wanted the extra piece of mind that locking straps give. I can’t imagine anything worse than having cranking surf, but no boards to surf on! I did a bit of research and talked to a few people and they were all saying that the strap or tie down system from KanuLock was well worth checking out. We got our hands on a set of the 4 metre long straps/tie downs which I would advise if you have more than one surf board/SUP board/windsurfer etc.

The KanuLock system works by having a lockable cleat on the straps, the straps themselves have two hardened stainless steel cables running through the entire length of the strap, one on each side. What this means is that when you have strapped your boards onto the roof, and have locked the cleat, you would need a set of bolt cutters to get the boards off, not a quick job for you average opportunist thief. The straps are covered in fabric so that the cables don’t scratch or mark your boards or your rack and the buckle/cleat is covered in a rubberised cover to make sure this does not mark your car or boards. The system comes with two keys for the integral locks on the buckle/cleat It is a well thought out and well constructed system, but how did it work in practice?

I spent three weeks getting boards on and off the roof rack on an almost daily basis, first off the KanuLock system does not take any longer to put on or take off than a regular roof rack strap/tie down. The first few times I used it I struggled to get the locks to work, until I realised that the cleat has to be fully engaged on the strap before it will lock (which does make sense). All you need to do is pull on the buckle to ensure it is tight onto the strap to get this to work, once you have done that locking and unlocking is easy. After three weeks of being out in rain, sunshine and wind the straps still look brand new, they held up really well. The tail end of the straps that you tie off to prevent them flapping around are more rigid than non locking straps (due to the two steel cables in them), but after I tied them off they did not come loose.

In conclusion I would recommend these straps to anyone who puts sports equipment on a roof rack and wants some piece of mind about it still being on the roof rack after you have left it parked for a while. Although nothing will stop the most determined thief, this system is as good as it gets as a deterrent.