KanuLocks are the easiest way to tie-down and lock your boards and kayaks to your roof-rack. Simply tie-down your boards or kayak with the KanuLock straps, if leaving unattended, lock the buckles with the key. It is that simple!

This is why you need KanuLock. With regular tie-downs anyone can walk up to your car and take your board within 10 seconds, without any tools and without attracting any attention.

With KanuLock straps your board or kayak can’t be slid out, the straps are reinforced with stainless steel and can’t be cut with a knife, they make less wind noise and are very easy to use. Lock any board or kayak to any roof-rack, it is so simple.

Simple to use, they work the same way as a regular set of tie-downs, however they have the added benefits of key lockable buckles and reinforced straps that cannot be cut by knife.

Reinforced with 2 x 2.4mm
Stainless Steel cables, KanuLock straps cannot be cut with a blade or knife.

The widest part of most boards and kayaks can be positioned between the front and back straps making it impossible to be slid forward or backwards out of the straps.


“Every weekend I try and paddle with a few friends. Afterwards we often like to have a coffee. With the KanuLock straps, not having to park the car where I can keep an eye on my SUP is a big relief.”  Sarah


“With all the kid stuff in the car now, I am lucky to even fit my board on the roof racks. I strap it on with my KanuLock straps with the hope of getting a chance to use it. If I get time to use it, great! If not, at least I don’t have to worry about someone grabbing my board.” John

The KanuLock SPT lockable tiedowns are suitable for locking surfboards, snowboards, sailboards, canoes and kayaks to any roof rack.
The KanuLock / SPT lockable tie downs are available in 1.5M, 2.5M and 4.0M lengths Designed in Australia by Stick Protection Technology, the lockable tie-downs can provide security to almost anything capable of being strapped to a vehicle roof rack.